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sambaXP 2023

Samba eXPerience is the yearly Samba team meeting and it's ecosystem of developers, users and vendors all around the globe since 2002.

The 22nd international conference around the OpenSource software Samba will take place from 10th to 11th of May 2023 in Goettingen, Germany. Attendees will meet the SAMBA Team, discuss requirements as well as new features and get an update on current developments.

Conference tickets will be available from December 2022. The call for paper has already started and we looking forward receiving your submissions.

The conference is organized by SerNet.



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Conference program 2022

How to set up a Samba Domain?

This tutorial is about the basics of setting up a Samba domain. The previous tutorials were always dedicated to specific topics. This time it addresses especially those who are faced with the following question: Should an Active Directory domain be set up with Samba or Windows? But even if you already have a Samba domain in use, there might be some interesting topics you can take away from this tutorial.

In this tutorial you will learn how easy and fast a domain can be set up with Samba and how data can be provided via Samba file servers. The topic of different client operating systems will also be addressed. After setting up the domain the topic of Windows-compliant permissions will be taken care of, so that there is no difference between the permissions in a Samba domain and a Windows domain.

By the end of the tutorial you will have set up a domain with two domain controllers and a file server. Also users will be able to log on different clients in the domain and access the data.

The following content will be discussed and set up:

- Setup of a first domain controller
- Failover of the domain by installing a second domain controller
- Replication of the share SYSVOL
- Integration of a Samba file server
- First shares and permissions
- Integration of Windows and Linux clients into the domain

What do you need to join the tutorial?

  •  PC (BYOD) with “VirtualBox” and “Vagrant” installed
  •  A Windows VM to test the setup and running RSAT

Please note:

You need at least a PC with 16GB RAM (32 GB would be better) to install the setup. The Vagrant-file will create 4 Linux-Hosts and you also need to install a Windows-System.

If you don't have a Windows-VM you can download an evaluation Version from Microsoft:


Download the VirtualBox version and import the VM to VirtualBox. It's a full featured version that is valid for 40 days.


Training material:

You will get a handout including all steps to be able to recap independently after the tutorial.

All the Linux-systems will be prepared. You will get a “Vagrantfile” to set up all the Linux-VMs needed for the tutorial.

Call for Papers and Deadlines

Please note the following deadlines concerning paper submission:

  • October 2022 until 28th February 2023: call for paper
  • March 2023: notification of accepted talks & program

Preparations for the 2023 SAMBA eXPerience Conference are under way. SerNet and the SAMBA Team wish to receive submissions of interest and proposals for papers, presentations, and talks about SAMBA and the broader challenges of data management at the sambaXP 2023 conference.

There will be opportunity for technical talks, user reports, presentations, and technical papers. Preference is given to English language materials, although proposals in other languages will be gladly considered.

A talk should last 45 minutes including discussion.

Call for Paper

Author Information
Co-Author Information
Please note that co-authors cannot attend the conference for free.
Paper Information

Program Committee

Chairman of the 22nd samba eXPerience conference is Jeremy Allison – one of the founding members of the Samba Team.

The program of talks and other contributions is supervised by the program committee:

  • Jeremy Allison, Google
  • Stefan Kania, author
  • Ralph Boehme, SerNet


Local Organizing Committee

The local organizing committee (LOC) is responsible for all activities during the conference:

  • Ms. Nadine Dreymann, SerNet
  • Ms. Alma Altergott, SerNet
  • Mr. Dr. Johannes Loxen, SerNet

Do not hesitate to contact them via loc@remove-this.sambaxp.org.



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