Day 1: The Tutorials

On Tue, 19th May 2015 sambaXP will start with two tutorials:

  1. SAMBA 4 und CTDB (in German)hands on workshop with Stefan Kania
    audience: system administrators
  2. Interoperability Protocol Test Tools Workshop
    Microsoft tutorial with Darryl Welch and Michael Bowman
    audience: experienced developers, deep code divers

Day 2/3: The Conference

On Wed and Thur, 20th -21st May 2015 the sambaXP conference will be held in Hotel Freizeit In.

The conference schedule will be online in March 2015 .

The social event for all participants of the sambaXP conference will take place on Wednesday night at the Hotel Freizeit In as well.

Program Committee

Chairman of the 14th samba eXPerience conference is John Terpstra - one of the founding members of the Samba Team.

The program of talks and other contributions is supervised by the program committee:

  • Jens-Peter Akelbein, University of Darmstadt
  • Jeremy Allison, Google
  • Stefan Kania, author
  • Sven Oehme, IBM
  • Thomas Pfenning, Microsoft
  • John Terpstra, Dell (chairman)

Local Organizing Comittee

The local organizing committee (LOC) is responsible for all activities during the conference:

  • Ms. Dr. Chen-Yu Lin and Johannes Loxen from SerNet.

Do not hesitate to contact them via

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